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Birth of the Cavaglia Glacier Garden Association and beginning of work
The Cavaglia Glacier Garden Association was created on November 6, 1998. It is financed through contributions by its members and supporting institutions. The Association is guided by a Committee whose members operate on a voluntary basis, i.e. without pay.

In 1999 the necessary preparations were made to start work on the rock pots and on the itinerary that would lead to the panoramic lookout. In 2000 activity began in earnest and in subsequent years great progress was made, thanks also to the contribution of many groups of volunteers.

Today the rock pots and their related itinerary present themselves to the visitor in a most favourable fashion: an extraordinary corner created by a mysterious, almost mythological, natural evolution. A place where nature amused itself and has, as a result, offered us these splendid sculptures!

2006 Glacier Garden party: concert on a platform placed over a rock hole

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