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The Cavaglia Glacier Garden Committee
At present the Committee is composed by:
  • Romeo Lardi, President
  • Giovanni Lardelli, Vice President
  • Silvano Cortesi, Treasurer
  • Giovanna Florin, Secretary
  • Mauro Vassella, Member
  • Gian Paolo Lardi, Member
  • Franco Compagnoni, Member
  • Federico Crameri, Member
  • Kaspar Howald, Member and Representative of the Valposchiavo Turismo
  • Zeno Bontognali, guide GGC
  • Mariann Lardelli, Kiosk + Info
All members of the Committee are volunteers. Most of them have been and still are directly involved in many activities related to the Garden, in particular its maintenance and the regular removal of rainwater from the rock pots.