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Naturalistic description of the flora
Where does the terrain which allowed botanic species to develop on the Moti da Cavagliola come from? It is assumed that dendritic material together with earth mixed with large stones was pushed, and then left here, by the glacier. In addition, significant quantities of earth were carried by the strong winds that lash the Cavaglia basin.

Wind is in many cases harmful to vegetation but sometimes can also be useful. Large quantities of dust, needles, fine earth, small stones and branches, leaves and seeds fill up cracks and holes. It is estimated that wind deposits between 800 and 1’800 grams per square metre of this «debris», which is extremely useful for the nourishment, development and propagation of many botanic species.

Mountain pine colony: the small pines, after having taken maximum advantage of the limited amount of earth available, have to stop their propagation upon reaching a smooth rock.

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