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Glacial evolution
«The activity of glaciers is caused by climatic changes. Any history of climate, glaciers, and rock pots is a history of Nature reconstructed by man on a theoretical basis, and therefore subject to a margin of error.

Amongst the first and most important scientists to study the role of glaciers in shaping Earth’s surface was Switzerland’s Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (1807-1873), a man of many talents, in keeping with the style of the period: botanist, glaciologist, geologist and geographer. It is to him we owe the discovery of the climate which prevailed during the great glaciations of the Quaternary period, a climate that created the conditions which made glaciers flow to the bottom of alpine valleys and the surrounding, now densely populated, plains.

To the right the Palü glacier, in retreat since the 19th century

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