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Excursions which can be combined with a visit to the Garden
The visit to the Cavaglia Glacier Garden can be combined with several other excursions.

Detailed descriptions of these excursions can be seen and downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the items listed below:
  1. Sfazù-Asciali da Prairol-Puntalta-Cavaglia
  2. Ospizio Bernina-Sassal Mason-Alp Grüm-Cavaglia
  3. Ospizio Bernina-Alp Grüm-Cavaglia-Poschiavo
  4. Ospizio Bernina-Piz Campasc-Prairol-Cavaglia
  5. Alp Grüm-Cavaglia-Selva-Poschiavo
  6. Alp Grüm-Val da Pila-Cavaglia
  7. Cavaglia-Prairol-Cavaglia
  8. Cavaglia-Somdoss-Pass da Canfinal-Rifugio Zoia (Valmalenco)
  9. Alp Grüm-Ghiacciaio Palü-Lago Palü-Cavaglia
  10. Alp Grüm-Stablini-La Dotta-Cavaglia
  11. Alp Grüm-Palü-Cavaglia

The Palü glacier and lake