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Over and above the annual fees of its members (700 at the end of 2007), the Cavaglia Glacier Garden has received financial support from the following institutions and companies:

Comune di Poschiavo CHF 58'000.00
Rätia Energie AG, Poschiavo CHF 55'000.00
Fondo svizzero per il paesaggio CHF 20'000.00
Ernst Göhner Stiftung CHF 10'000.00
Cantone dei Grigioni CHF 15'000.00
Banca Raiffeisen Valposchiavo CHF 10'000.00
Ente Turistico Valposchiavo CHF   5'000.00
Ferrovia Retica CHF   5'000.00
Dino Beti di Panisc, Fribourg CHF   5'000.00
Banca Cantonale Grigioni CHF   2'000.00
Comune di Brusio CHF   2'000.00
Dr. Aldo Lardelli, Chur CHF   2'000.00

has contributed the enlargements of the photographs.

Financial contributions by institutions and companies, coupled by voluntary work by Committee members, have allowed many functional infrastructures to be put in place