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First sightings and emptying of the rock pots
As had been the case for Switzerland’s well known rock pots in Luzern, it was clear from the very start that the possible emptying of those in the Poschiavo valley at Moti da Cavagliola could be of interest for tourism.

Alfonso Colombo, president of the Poschiavo Tourist Board (PTB) from 1966 to 1994, wrote: «As early as 1975 the PTB had already launched the idea and started some preliminary work. However, as costs were too high and support was scarce, activities had to be interrupted».

In spite of the above difficulties, the original idea of emptying the rock pots in order to create a new tourist attraction was kept alive and several attempts to restart the work were made in the following years. In the early Nineties, the Poschiavo Boy Scouts, under the guidance of Plinio Tognina and with the support of Alfonso Colombo, partially emptied the rock pot closest to the railway.

The hard job of extracting material from the rock pots

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