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First sightings and emptying of the rock pots
A decisive step towards the development of the GGC is taken in 1994. About twenty apprentices (mechanics and electricians) of the Rhaetian Railway Workshop in Poschiavo, accomplished – under the guidance of Mario Costa, Aldo Fanconi and Giovanni Lardelli – the perfect emptying of the first rock pot. Furthermore, with the help of Poschiavo’s Forest Warden Gianni Zanoli, they designed the circuit pathway leading to the panoramic site with overview of the whole Valley.

A study signed by Pietro Beritelli was published in 1995 by the Samedan School of Tourism under the title «Le marmitte di Cavaglia: valutazione, potenziale, possibile sviluppo». This study, part of the more complex project «The Organization of Tourism in Valposchiavo», clearly underlined the positive impact that unearthing these rock pots could have on tourism: «the practical lack of competition» and «the impossibility of artificially imitating these formations guarantee a long term selling point for the whole of Valposchiavo».

During the summer season the Glacier Garden Committee is constantly at work to extract rainwater from the rock pots

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